You require precision measurement tools to excel in your field. When assessing internal dimensions, you need an instrument providing exacting accuracy and repeatability. The Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest delivers on these requirements. With a variety of ranges, it empowers you to measure bores and holes with confidence. Its digital display showcases readings to 0.001mm for discerning measurement. When striving for perfection in your work, arm yourself with the meticulous measuring abilities of the Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest. Let this high-performing internal micrometer become an indispensable addition to your toolkit as you pursue precision in your projects.

What Is a Digital Holtest Instrument?

A Digital Holtest instrument is a precision internal measuring device used to determine internal diameters. It is more precise than bore gauges by having three contact points, offering a higher degree of accuracy. It consists of a ratchet thimble, anvil, spindle and a digital display. The anvil and spindle are inserted into the hole or cavity of the workpiece. As the ratchet thimble is rotated, the spindle moves inward and outward. This extension is measured digitally and displayed on the LCD screen in microns with a resolution of 0.001mm.

Range and Accuracy

The Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest Internal Micrometer has a variety of ranges with a resolution of ±1 μm. This range and precision make it suitable for measuring bores, holes, and cavities in components where high precision is required. The ratchet stop mechanism allows for light, consistent pressure and helps prevent over-tightening.

Data Output and Interface

You can view the measured values on a digital LCD screen in metric units. The instrument also has a data output port which allows measured values to be transferred to a computer with an optional cable. Statistical calculations such as mean, maximum and minimum values can be performed on the transferred data.

Durability and Portability

The Holtest instrument has a sturdy construction. Its compact, lightweight and portable design makes it suitable for use in machine shops, tool rooms and on the production floor. The instrument comes with a protective case for storage when not in use. With proper care and periodic calibration, the Holtest can provide many years of accurate measurements.

What is the importance of digital holtest in construction and engineering industries?

The importance of the Digital Holtest in the construction and engineering industries lies in its ability to ensure precise measurements, essential for maintaining quality standards and meeting specifications in various applications.


Precision is paramount in construction and engineering projects. The Digital Holtest’s high accuracy ensures that internal dimensions are measured with exceptional precision, guaranteeing the precise fit of components and structures. This accuracy is vital for tasks such as machining parts, ensuring proper alignment in assemblies, and achieving tight tolerances.


Time is a precious resource in any industry. The Digital Holtest enhances efficiency by streamlining measurement processes. Its user-friendly interface and precise measurements reduce the time required to assess internal dimensions accurately. This efficiency translates into faster production cycles, contributing to overall project timelines.

Quality Control

Maintaining quality standards is non-negotiable in construction and engineering. The Digital Holtest plays a crucial role in quality control by ensuring that products meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations. By providing accurate measurements, it helps identify deviations from specifications early in the manufacturing or construction process, preventing costly rework and ensuring consistent quality 


The Digital Holtest’s versatility makes it an invaluable tool across a spectrum of construction and engineering tasks. Whether measuring bore diameters, verifying hole depths, or assessing internal dimensions of various components, its adaptability makes it indispensable in diverse applications. From precision machining to structural fabrication, the Digital Holtest accommodates a wide range of measurement needs, making it a versatile asset in any workshop or production environment [5].

Data Management

In today’s digital age, efficient data management is essential for informed decision-making. The Digital Holtest’s data output port allows seamless integration with computer systems, facilitating efficient data transfer and management. Measured values can be easily recorded, analyzed, and archived for future reference. Statistical calculations such as mean, maximum, and minimum values can be performed on the transferred data, providing valuable insights into process performance and quality trends

Cost-Effective Solution

Although highly accurate, the Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest Internal Micrometre comes with a competitive price. Its digital features and durable, industrial-grade construction provide value at a lower cost than comparable tools. For many manufacturers, this balance of performance and affordability makes it an ideal solution for quality control and production optimization.

Check Points for Digital Holtests

Before Use:

  • Ensure contact surfaces are free from dust or dirt.
  • Check smooth movement of the thimble and anvils, without jamming or sticking.
  • Perform initial setting using a calibrated master gauge if available.
  • Set zero point if measuring with only the tip of the anvil.
  • Note that accuracy may be affected if the measuring head is replaced.
  • Replace the SR44 battery when necessary.
  • Enter preset value for absolute measurements.
  • Ensure proper seating of the battery cap seal when replacing.

During Use:

  • Apply consistent measuring force using the ratchet mechanism.
  • Protect bearing surfaces of anvils from impact.
  • Address any errors or abnormal displays promptly.
  • Avoid retracting the spindle beyond the measuring range to prevent damage.

After Use:

  • Inspect for damage and arrange for repair if necessary. Clean the instrument.
  • Store in a controlled environment free from heat, moisture, dust, and oil mist.
  • Apply micrometer oil to prevent rust on anvils and contact surfaces for long-term storage. Remove the battery.

These checkpoints ensure the proper functioning, longevity, and accuracy of measuring instruments like the Digital Holtest, maintaining their reliability in demanding construction and engineering environments.


The Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest is a versatile and precise internal measuring instrument that can enhance quality control and production efficiency in your manufacturing or inspection processes. With features like ABSOLUTE linear encoders and data output connectivity, this advanced micrometre enables quick, accurate, and repeatable measurements, while also integrating with statistical analysis and reporting tools. By investing in the latest metrology technology like the Digimatic Holtest, you can gain valuable insights, optimise machining accuracy, and assure your customers of the superiority of your products. This innovative tool represents the pinnacle of precision from a respected industry leader.

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