Diatest Crankshaft Gauge KP series

DIATEST Crankshaft gauges are sturdy in design and furnished with hardened gauging points for rugged working conditions.

  • Applicable for checking crankshafts and crankshaft bearings of motors for ships, cars, trucks etc.
  • Also in departments for grinding crankshafts, repair of crankshafts and especially for checking of motors or compressors in situ.
  • Mechanical dial gauge unit (reading 0.01 mm) as standard with spring-loaded (live) gauging point and a full set of gauging extensions
  • Digital Dial gauge (reading 0.001 mm) is available for KP300 and KP500.

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  • SKU: KP
  • Categories: Inside Measurements
  • Brand: Diatest
  • Country: DE

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