IMADA Digital Force Gauge ZTS/ZTA

IMADA Digital force gauge ZTS/ZTA series.

  • User friendly model for wide range of measuring purposes.
  • Range from 2N-5000N types, clear OLED provides excellent contrast and high visibility
  • Sampling speed 2000Hz, able to capture peak values accurately.
  • Digital functions are available such as OK/NG judgement and more.
  • ZTA Series is a high functional model with additional functions added to the specifications of the standard model ZTS Series. Value Display(Maximum / Minimum), Average Load Value, Peak Value Detection 1st and 2nd Values.
  • Able to mount on motorized or manual test stands as well, kindly contact our sales staff to advise a suitable model.

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  • SKU: ZTS
  • Categories: Force Measurements
  • Brand: Imada
  • Country: JPN

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