Mitutoyo Bore Gage | 511 Series

Mitutoyo Bore Gage for easy and accurate measurement of inside diameters for 18mm to 400mm or inch equivalent.

Popular model: 511-711-20 (18-35mm)

  • Comes in sets both with and without dial indicators. Can also be replaced with a recommended Digital indicators if required.
  • Carbide contact point for high durability and wear resistant.
  • Heat resistant material for grip reduces heat transfer from operator hand.
  • Optional extension rods are available for measuring deep holes.
  • Optional setting rings are available a range to aid in accurately setting a gage before making a measurement.
  • Check with us if any specific requirement (eg. blind hole, extra small hole).

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  • Categories: Inside Measurements
  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • Country: JPN

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