Ono Sokki Non-contact Tachometer

Ono Sokki Non-contact Digital Tachometer is used to perform measurements at a safe distance ranging from 20 to 300 mm between the detection unit and the target measurement surface (the reflective mark surface).

To use, affix one of the reflective marks to the rotating surface of the target measurement object, and then aim the red visible ray at the mark.

Measurement accuracy (when one reflective mark is used):

30 to 12,499 r/min speeds      : Within ±1 r/min
12,500 to 24,999 r/min speeds : Within ±2 r/min
25,000 to 50,000 r/min speeds : Within ±4 r/min

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  • Brand: Ono Sokki
  • Country: JPN

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