Vermont Thread Gauge

Vermont Thread Ring Gauges are used to inspect external product threads on screws, bolts and studs while Thread Plug Gages are used to inspect, calibrate and set thread ring gages.

  • Available in both Unified Inch(UNF) or Metric Series(M) product threads.
  • Marked with nominal size, threads per inch or pitch.
  • Comes in Go/No Go set or individual member.
  • NIST traceable
  • Custom gauge sizes or in Left Hand Unified and Metric can be requested for special quote.

Note as highly specific item, please drop us an email before any order.

  • Kindly specify full info on units, size and tolerance.
  • Eg. Thread plug gauge M8.0x1.25 – 6H, Thread Ring gauge UNEF 5/16-32-2A


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  • SKU: VM
  • Categories: Reference / Standards
  • Brand: Vermont Gage
  • Country: USA

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